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      Won institutions certainly trust!

      Company respected "pragmatic, hard work and entrepreneurial spirit of responsibility;

      New management mode, perfect technology and good service;

      In good faith, win-win situation, and create a business philosophy, to create a good business environment.

      With advanced production technology!

      Excellent quality of basic survival, we always adhere to customer first;

      Intentions of services to customers, persist in using their services to impress customers;

      Domestic advanced production lines and technology, high degree of automation and high-tech products.

      Professional service team!

      Full service program - pre-sale, sale, sale; patience to listen to the needs of users;

      We have efficient, professional sales team;

      Companies modern enterprise management mode, more convenient and more efficient for customers to provide tracking services.

      About Us


        Kunshan the HSBC China Rubber Co., Ltd. is located in a modern manufacturing base, the country's first hundred counties in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province along the Shanghai industrial zone, the company is located in Shanghai large traffic circle, Metro Line 11 in close proximity, from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport 30 minutes by car from the G2 / G1501 / S58 5-minute drive speed, excellent geographical environment, transportation is very convenient.

      The company focuses on PVC mat design and development and manufacturing, while committed to the development of international specialty protection products ...

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      • Anti-fatigue rubber mat KraalTraditional Bedding has sand, sawdust or chopped straw, low cost, but not conducive to cleaning disinfection. Ke cement will face before Wounded Knee when cows from lying, after tarsal, wais...

      Contact Us

      HSBC Jin Rubber Co., Ltd. Kunshan

      Contact: Mr. Zhao

      Phone: 13913254808

      Website: www.ksjhfxs.com

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